Blue collar jobs are traditionally male-dominated. This means that women are denied jobs because of their gender. However, the ratio of women has increased significantly in recent years. There are a number of factors contributing to this, including the entry of women into industries that are considered traditionally male like construction and manufacturing. In addition, it has become trendy for women to work in blue-collar jobs.

Women working in blue-collar jobs can make an organization more inclusive — if they are given the opportunity. They can make their organization more inclusive by being an example of gender diversity, encouraging gender equality, and providing a supportive environment for women who come from diverse backgrounds. Research shows that these women are involved in improving their organization’s social values, policies, and practices to eliminate marginalization based on gender and promote awareness about ways to improve gender diversity within the organization.

Let us discuss how to attract women to become part of your workforce.

Address the Gender Bias In the Workplace

Providing a better employee experience for women is a company-wide initiative. It is possible to create momentum toward better gender inclusion by providing anti-bias training to executives, managers, and supervisors. Changing the culture of hiring, training, promotion, and performance feedback is necessary to eliminate bias against women. You can also change your external communication regarding the topic. Create a diverse employer brand by putting women on recruitment flyers, using them on social media, and using them in social media posts.

Offer Flexible Working Hours 

There is also a need for work-life balance for blue-collar women, as well as flexible scheduling. Providing more part-time employment options could lead to higher retention and training ROI by improving job satisfaction among women.

Ensure Safety 

Traditionally, women are supposed to do jobs requiring caregiving and emotional labor, known as pink collar jobs. Blue-collar jobs, however, were taken up by men.

The fact that women often feel isolated in roles dominated by men makes it difficult for them to adjust. The issue of sexual harassment and unnecessary “locker-room talk” also makes them uncomfortable. Taking strict action on these issues is a must for companies

Improve Work Safety

Working conditions in blue-collar jobs can be harsh and dangerous. Blue-collar workers should be provided with quality working conditions not only to ensure their safety but also to ensure they feel valued. Management should invest in safe working conditions for all employees and care about their working environment.

In the end, it all comes down to one simple concept: inclusion. To foster a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere at work, leaders need to actively promote gender diversity, both through their words and through their actions. Although there’s no magic bullet for making this happen in your organization, there are some good insights you can use when making decisions concerning inclusion and we can help you get those exclusive insights from our unique database. Get in touch with us, and you’re on your way to creating a more inclusive workplace for all of your employees.

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