What are the best ways to promote gender equality in the workplace?

Gender equality is as important in business, as it is in society. Lack of it can lead to a lot of problems for companies, like low employee morale, high turnover rate and not to mention the possibility of lawsuits.
Implementing gender equality at all levels of your company will help eliminate these problems and issues.

Can diversity in top management teams contribute to better climate change management?

According to an IAE Paris- Sorbonne Business School study, women in management are better at managing climate change.
The study notes that feminization of management contributes to better climate change management. The authors noticed that neither the gender of the CEO nor the number of women on the board of directors influenced green management practices.

How can data intelligence help achieve gender equality?

Data is vital. It helps organizations identify problems more effectively. And when it comes to gender equality, organizations still struggle to collect and use data that highlights the unique experiences of women, uncovers barriers to gender equality.
Companies can benefit from data intelligence by having more accurate and reliable gender data.
Achieving sustainable development goals requires accurate and complete data. Gender data is problematic because companies have little data about women, and the way this data is compiled is outdated, so it does not reflect reality accurately.
Utilizing the unique database of MERIT500, companies can improve gender equality by ensuring that women and girls are identified and targeted correctly and by analyzing results based on gender-sensitive effects. The goal is to provide women with equal opportunities and representation and collect more accurate gender data.