Gender equality at every work level might seem like it can be easily overlooked or dismissed as a simple suggestion. However, as the workforce becomes increasingly diverse, it’s crucial to ensure that men and women are treated equally when it comes to pay and opportunity.

And it is not just about the treatment of men and women in the workplace. It is about ensuring that men and women are able to work free from harassment, discrimination, or violence from one another. Gender equality has been shown to foster more innovation, increase creativity, and improve productivity. Gender equality at all levels of your company could help you attain a number of benefits, including better employee retention, equal pay, a more positive working environment, and of course, an edge over your competitors. 

Implementing young female talent into your company leadership will only add to this. 

Gender equality

Below we have discussed some tips to increase gender equality at all levels:

Increase Promotion Rate of Women

It is perhaps familiar to you that at the company’s entry-level, half of the workers are women and half are men, but the percentage drops slightly at each subsequent level. As we did more research, we discovered that the decline in women’s participation is mainly due to gender disparities in promotion rates rather than differences in hiring or retention. 

And it needs to be changed.

We understand that it is quite hard for employers to find the perfect female candidate as women apply for fewer jobs than men. 

But do not fret!

With the MERIT500 database, you can find rich and valuable untapped information about females, making it easy to locate female candidates who have board and management team experience. Also, it helps you to shortlist the most suitable candidates to ensure gender diversity in your firm.

However, if companies are not able to develop and promote the women they hire, it will be challenging to attain gender equality.

Fix the System, Not the Women

In the power structure, too many people still believe myths such as women lack ambition, lack confidence, must carry more of the burden at home, are opting out of big roles.

These narratives lead us to focus on fixing the women instead of fixing the systems and norms that perpetuate the global gender gap.

As a result, we have to recognize that gender equality exists, and we need to fix it, not women.

To fix this, we need to check our blind spots so we can see the total picture. This is the only way we can stop going backward and begin making progress forward, and it can only be accomplished with some reliable gender data.

With the MERIT500’s Gender Data Excel files, Web-based Gender Equality Report, and PPT-based Gender Equality Report, organizations can improve their workplace policies and encourage pay equality.

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