What qualities make a great CEO? LeadershipConfidence? Not as much as one think. These qualities might get help get a CEO hired but as per research from Harvard Business Review, they don’t impact how well they do their job. A good CEO must be able to juggle through various departments and his/her modus operandi must be aligned with the company’s future goals. Here are some qualities to look after whilst doing CEO Executive Search: –


The main job of a CEO is to have a crystal-clear vision to steer the company in the right direction along with thinking critically. What separates a great CEO from an average one is the ability to anticipate the possible outcomes of every decision and consider all the pros & cons of it in advance. 


A good CEO must be reliable with his/her words. It’s important for a CEO to be transparent with their decisions and should not guarantee something which they aren’t sure can be fulfilled under deadline. Under-promising and over-delivering is always the best practice. 


A CEO must have impeccable communication skills to talk to investors, employees, Boardroom managers, legal authorities, and the general public. He/she should be able to convey what the company is, its vision, and its objectives. 


CEO, who knows how to execute ideas and make adjustments to achieve a particular goal can help a company to grow manifolds in the years to come. Setting short terms goals is important to focus on what truly matters in the moment. A great leader pursues a goal with enthusiasm and instills that same attitude in others. 


With time, new technologies are developing which shall become responsible for making advances in every field. Therefore, a CEO must be versatile to adapt to all the technical and managerial changes happening in the industry. 

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These were some of the qualities that must not be overlooked in a CEO. But the real problem lies in finding the deserving candidates for the CEO profile. It’s hard for co-founders and board members to scrounge through thousands of LinkedIn Profiles to find the right individual with relevant experience in the same field. Here Merit500 can be helpful. 

MERIT500 is the most unique and up-to-date database for Board, Operational Management, Management Team, and Team Information among the Nordic region’s listed companies, largest unlisted companies, and the growth companies. There are a total of about 6,000 Nordic and 1,200 German companies and more than 70,000 individuals are being surveyed and get updated on a weekly basis.

NOTE: – MERIT500 has a publication certificate that allows the handling of personal data without the impact of the EU legislation, GDPR.

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