Women in Tech: Overcoming Obstacles: Some Tips

Tip #1 Women who experience discrimination at work should report the issue as soon as possible to their superiors.

Tip #2 It is important for the organization to take this issue seriously and to try to resolve it by sensitizing employees about sexual orientations at work.

Tip #3 Using more direct language is also important for women in tech. Passive Language: "How do you think this should be done?" Active Language: "I suggest we do it this way.

Tip #5 Empowering women as decision-makers and leaders benefits our community and economy. Women in power promote gender equality in a variety of settings, from the workplace to popular culture.

Tip #4 Women's businesses and families should be supported by eradicating societal norms imposed on them so they don't feel oppressed.

Tip #6 Using better gender data can also help organisations to develop policies that can improve women's position in the workplace.