Effective Remuneration Actions & Policies to Close Gender Gap in Your Company

Include multiple women in shortlists for recruitment and promotions Shortlists with only a few women do not increase the chance of a woman being selected.

Use skill-based assessment tasks in recruitment Use their performance on those tasks to assess their suitability for the role. Standardize the tasks and how they are scored to ensure fairness across candidates.

Use structured interviews for recruitment and promotions Unstructured interviews are more likely to allow unfair bias to creep in and influence decisions. This makes the responses comparable and reduces the impact of unconscious bias.

Encourage salary negotiation by showing salary ranges Employers should clearly communicate the salary range on offer for a role to encourage women to negotiate their salary. If women negotiate their salaries more, they will end up with salaries that more closely match the salaries of men.

Introduce transparency to promotion, pay, and reward processes Introducing transparency to promotion, pay, and reward processes can reduce pay inequalities.

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